Global Corps of the Future: Editorial DPS

The brief was to generate a spread illustration to back up the main article entitled "What a Corporation can be". As I was art directing and producing the entire project myself, I decided it might be interesting to mine a lot of unspecific data from the copy and generate a kind of info-graphic overlaid onto a 3D generated Earth and Moon. The idea being that we're a corporate leader, waaaay way in the future, viewing the planet from an orbital space station location, with a data overlay of the planet below us displayed through our personal HUD [head up display]. Obviously to make this work I had to come up with a corporate brand identity too, hence.. 'ENVTECH - Safeguarding Planet Earths future'. And the SEPD [the Sustainable Engineering Processes Division]..

The great institutions of our age are global corporations. Their power and influence touches every life on earth.  But how can we shape the corporations the world needs for the future? Lynda Gratton provides a roadmap to the corporation of tomorrow. With supporting illustration by Jamie Sneddon..
Data overlay [B/W version]
Earth globe & Moon generated in C4D
Final Art..
Alt colour option..
A more graphic, flatter interpretation..

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