Greenpeace - Crash Test Eddie

Short Film Producer/Director: Greenpeace - Jan 2009 Production and delivery of a short animated film and printed media for the Greenpeace Car Emissions campaign. This campaign was responsible for the change in European law applying to car emissions standards within Europe. On the back of this campaign, a bill was passed through European Parliament to reduce car emissions on all newly manufactured vehicles. A fact of which I am extremely proud. I was involved in the creation of the lobbying document, along with Neo Creative, [featuring my Crash Test Eddie character], as well as being the lead in the production of this movie. My tasks within the production of this film included: • Development of the 'Crash Test Eddie' character. • Overseeing the generation of the 3D model & rigging build for 'Eddie'. • Storyboarding & development of the original Greenpeace script. • Modelling and drawing up the environments & the objects within it. • Directing the animation of the character and the environment • Generation & implementation of the sound design. • Directing the entire production, including all After Effects & post production.

A low res render of the short film. Including questionable [client supplied] voice acting.. 
Storyboard opener..
Frames 1-12
Frames 13-24
Frames 25-28 [closing frame]
Frame 27
Original style guide supplied to client with the storyboards..
Mug design as seen on table in movie..
Monitor designs..
The noticeboard in the crash test facility [dummies] staff room..
The '10 Easy Steps to Cut Car Emissions' pamphlet was designed by Neo Creative and the illustrations within it were created by me, Jamie Sneddon. Because of the strength and success of this political lobbying document, Greenpeace decided to commission me to create the 'Crash Test Eddie' short movie. And the combined effect of the two productions was enough to stave off car industry lobbyists and swing the vote in favour of improving emmissions standards within new cars throughout the EU. Something I'm extremely proud of.
Some of the various character illustrations used within the 10 Easy Steps pamphlet..
High-res screen grabbed movie stills..
The end message screen..

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