Morgan House - Home Automation Systems

A schematic 5/6 bedroom executive house that can be viewed with three levels of reveal - one showing the network of wiring, one with the electronic gizmos attached in an ambient daylight, and a dramatic sequence showing the Home automation sequence in action (TV goes on and off, lighting changes from ambient daylight to dramatic home theatre, then to dinner party style. Artwork was animated externally. This project was produced back in 2005, and it's still active on the Morban website.. Go to Homeowner Intelligent living Explore the house

The final multi layered document supplied to the UI designer. Each room layer can be turned on and off to reveal the room & tech behind..
3d plan view..
A [rough] animation from within Sketchup of the 3D house.. Vectors were exported and taken into Illustrator where the rest of the layerd illustration was developed..
Audio & security systems, all to be animated by the web team..
Various room and lighting layers..
External daylight settings..

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