Stuff magazine - 'Instant Upgrader' comms

'Instant Upgrader' illustrations for Stuff magazine

Nov 2012: The Bond issue - Skyfall gadgets
July 2012: Scuba Gear
Feb 2013: Sea Kayaking
Nov 2011: Sleep gadgetry
Dec 2012: Astronomy
Sept 2012: 'DIY man'
June 2013: BBQ gadgetry [new layout format]
Aug 2013: Live Music Gadgetry [new layout format]
May 2013: City Breaks [new layout format]
Haymarket's Stuff magazine have been commissioning me regularly, for a number of years, to illustrate the 'Instant Upgrader' section of the mag. The format used to be a double page spread flipped to a portrait orientation with overlaying images and copy. However they have recently revised the magazine design and thankfully I now have a full page, clear of clutter to play with.

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