illustration / consultancy / graphic specialist for print & digital

Jamie Sneddon
Brighton, United Kingdom
+44 (0)7779 71 53 53
A Thousand Words...
Machine Creative
Print / Digital / Social / Web / Live / Advertising / Branding / Illustration / Art Direction / Editorial Design / Campaign Creation / Graphic Design / Website Development / Exhibition Design / Still Life Photography
Aug 2017 - Present / Brighton, United Kingdom
Sneddon Creatives
MD, Creative Director, Art Director, Illustrator, Designer
Illustration, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Digital Design, Infographics, Print Graphics, Web Graphics, Packaging, Exhibitions.
May 1997 - Present / Brighton, United Kingdom
Ocean Beach Ibiza
UI Designer / Illustrator
To create, develop & maintain the interactive bookings map artwork. To implement the regular annual venue changes ready for each new summer season to the venue artwork, including rollovers & interactive assets.
January 2013 - Present / Ibiza, Spain

Creative Lead, Artist, Illustrator, Promoter
• Original project conceptualisation & brand development. 
• Production.
• Brand implementation, evolution & marketplace presence. 
• General project developments, including;                                                                                                                           
- Original concepts 
- Art generation
- Print production
- Print sales 
- Social media presence
June 2010 - Present / Brighton, United Kingdom

Newsquest Specialist Media
Features & Cover Art Illustrator
Art production for Strategic Risk Magazine - Europe's leading risk assessment publication. But also for Insurance Times & Reward magazine.
June 2010 - January 2014 / London - United Kingdom

Stuff Magazine
Features & Advertorial illustrator
I have been regularly commissioned to conceptualise and generate feature illustrations and advertorials for Stuff magazine since 2008. I have established myself as a regular contributor producing the 'Instant Upgrader' feature each month.
February 2008 - Present / London, United Kingdom

The Halo Group
The Halo Group is an events and promotions company based in London. My job over the years has been to help develop production design concepts and to take those concepts through to client presentable artwork for pitch purposes and on-site construction guidance.
March 2011 - Present / London, United Kingdom

Short Film Director, Art Director, Illustrator
Production and delivery of a short animated film and political pamphlet for the 'Greenpeace Cars' campaign. 
This campaign was responsible for the change in European law applying to car emissions standards within Europe. On the back of this campaign, a bill was passed through Parliament to reduce emissions. A fact of which I am extremely proud! I was involved in the creation of the lobbying document, along with Neo Creative, [featuring my Crash Test Eddie character], as well as the production of this movie. 
Tasks for the production of this film included:
• Development of the 'Crash Test Eddie' character.
• Overseeing the generation of the 3D model & rigging build for 'Eddie'.
• Storyboarding & development of original script.
• Production development including 3D set design, illustration and animation.
• Directing the animation of the character and the environment
• Generation & implementation of the sound design.
• Directing the entire production, including all After Effects & post production.
November 2008 - March 2009 / Brighton, United Kingdom

First Choice Holidays
Brochure Illustrator
During this period I was regularly commissioned to illustrate various holiday complexes, located around the Mediterranean, to be used within the companies holiday brochures.
February 2005 - October 2009 / Brighton, United Kingdom

Alan Burrows Ltd
Client: Mazda Europe
Project Name: Mazda 6 European brochure
I was commissioned by Alan Burrows on behalf of Mazda, to illustrate around 8 full double page spreads, as well as the cover, for the Pan-European brochure, launching and promoting the Mazda 6. I was briefed to create a futuristic illustrated setting within which to work each of the studio shot vehicles. This involved working alongside the photographer to maximise compatibility, mainly with regards to the required lighting and perspective. See portfolio for the final product. 
(NB: some of the vehicles shown within these images may not be the final cleaned up photographic versions used within the brochure, and therefore may not be of the intended quality).
August 2007 - October 2007 / Brentwood, United Kingdom

Esquire Magazine
Features illustrator
May 2001 - August 2009 / London, United Kingdom

Maxim Magazine
Features illustrator
To produce monthly feature illustrations.
April 1999 - April 2007 / London, United Kingdom

Ministry Magazine
Features Illustrator
To produce monthly feature illustrations.
January 1998 - May 2001 / London, United Kingdom

Gecko Ltd
Junior then Senior illustrator
Where it all began. Within an educational publishing environment. My career began with the mastering of Rotring Pens and ink, before swiftly moving forward towards the dawn of 'Desk Top Publishing'. Long before the internet became everything it is today.
February 1989 - September 1996 / Oxford, United Kingdom

Illustration, Graphic Design, Architectural Illustration, Art Direction, Art Prints, Brand Development, Cartographic Illustration, Concept Art, Creative Direction, Digital Illustration, Exhibitions, Print Making, Short Film Direction, Storyboarding, Web Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchup, Cinema 4D..
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