Covers & Content: The breakup of Europe

Two projects, depicting the demise of the Eurozone. Both commissions included the magazine cover art and a related internal info-graphic. 'Shark frenzy' was my own concept, 'Euro Time-bomb' was my clients' concept.

The Breakup of the Eurozone [Cover art]. This idea came to me in the bath of all places, a eureka moment whilst underwater, looking up at the light..
"Feeding Frenzy" - Sovereign Debt & the Breakup of the Eurozone..
Feeding Frenzy - the associated full spread infographic deatailing European sovereign debt. Germany can be seen desperately trying to anchor the fledgling nations to the continent to prevent them from drifting away..
The Eurozone Timebomb - Insurance Times cover art..
The Eurozone Timebomb - An Insurance Times infographic..

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