The Window of Opportunity

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The development of this piece was a personal journey. Born of my frustration at the world and my desire to express that frustration in the only way I know how.. to draw it. So I developed this politically motivated print, demonstrating my pseudo-religious scientific perspective in a graphical format. Something to draw you in, to make you want to investigate further..
Reach out for your Destiny..
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It shows the past, present [and a possible] future as seen from left to right, with the central section being the present.. or the Window of Opportunity. 

It’s about releasing ourselves from religious and political control and embracing the one and only true God, which is of course nature. Only then will we as a species, free ourselves from these earthbound shackles and allow ourselves to reach our full potential.

Loosely, on the left is where we've been, in the centre is hope, and on the right is despair and one possible (hopefully avoidable) future. It's about embracing nature and science, and rejecting the controlling mechanisms of religious and political corruption. A positive destiny awaits us, if we choose to seize the opportunity.

I felt a stained glass window format would juxtapose the subject and create interest in the scientific message, by presenting the piece in a format normally associated with more mainstream religion. In truth I believe this is a religious piece, although a religion where the faith is firmly planted within the beautiful reality that is nature.

Prints are soon to be made available from my shop. Follow the link on the left of my homepage.. (
The exodus of man.. 
Pro-science, Pro-nature..
The manipulation of mankind..
The big lie..? #religion
Spot the Trump..

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