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Back in 2010 I came up with the idea of dropping 8-bit game icons & characters into real world environments after listening to an interview with Malcolm McLaren on This Spartan Life, a machinima vidcast set in the Halo game engine on Xbox Live. 

He was talking about kids hacking their Gameboy's to create music and he compared it to the punk movement of his day. This mad interview, as he wandered around Blood Gulch with a virtual rocket launcher in his hands blasting away at the interviewer a little too often, inspired me to try and punk my own skills and develop something equally mad to put out there. 

I wanted to keep the 8-bit aesthetic of the characters’ intact but really plant them in the world around us. So, I got together with photographer, Kevin Rozario-Johnson @rojoclick, and developed this 8bitscapes series. 
Whilst we still have some signed limited edition prints available, the more affordable unsigned unlimited photographic prints are available to purchase from my big cartel store here. For the more bespoke limited edition prints please enquire directly using the contact details on this website..
PRINT - Pacmanhattan: Speedy's Revenge
PRINT - The Flyover Squad
PRINT - Kong
PRINT - Mario Karts: Banana Peel
PRINT - Mario Karts: Shellshock
PRINT - The Legend of Zelda: Stalfos 'nights
PRINT - Rib-bit
PRINT - Swarm [over Kho Pi Pi, Thailand]
PRINT - Sonic in Köln #1
PRINT - Sonic in Köln #2
PRINT - Sonic in Köln #3
Diabond aluminium prints available to buy..
So far we have produced a series of 11 limited edition prints, available to buy in 2 main formats. An affordable £50 window mounted photographic print, and the beautiful, hard edged perfectly flat and sharp, matt sealed aluminium diabond prints. The diabonds require no frame, and appear to float in front of the wall.
The rear of the diabonds, numbered and signed..
The hanging systems available for the diabonds..
The window mounted photographic prints..
A few months after launching the project at the London Design Festival in Sept 2010 we started to get some significant traffic through the website..
After exhibiting the '8-bits' at the Platine Festival in Cologne, Germany, we made the local papers..
Logo art..
Some signpost art as seen in 'Sonic in Köln #1'..
Some Sonic dev work..
Some favicon character devs..
A bit more dev on the favicon character, just for fun..
Web template..
Web banners..

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