Sabra Houmous Campaign #3

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Banner art & main product range (now with Houmous Lite as seen at the bottom of this project page).
This is the third Sabra advertising campaign I have been commissioned to develop. Each campaign picked up from the previous vision and moved the ball forward, reflecting the development of both the product's market position and the increasing sales. As with the previous two campaigns, I was tasked with producing mood-boards, concepts and a graphic strategy to further the position of the already well established Sabra brand and it's high-taste, high-quality product marketplace image amongst UK consumers. I was the Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator and Artworker taking the entire project from concepts and strategy through to digital motion, press and final delivery. 

*** Toby to provide sales figures and budget etc to add here ***

Various Press & Static OOH Billboards - Portrait
Static OOH Multi-sheet Billboard.

1. Develop mood-boards, concepts and a graphic strategy to further the position of the already well established Sabra brand and it's high-taste, high-quality product marketplace image amongst UK consumers. 
2. Produce a single high-quality photographic image presenting the product and it's associated values to the consumer.
3. Design a layout and a format presenting the new product image across a range of 'above the line' advertising devices including mainstream national press, large format OOH (out of home) multi sheet billboard posters and digital static & motion screens to be displayed throughout the nation.
4. Generate final layouts/artwork and present each location, advertiser, and/or publication with print ready artwork for press and/or publication.
5. Direct and oversee the digital motion OOH animations and to format and supply video for each specific screen location. 
6. Maintain and provide regular updates and revised layouts for trade & consumer press and publications after the main campaign presence has ended.

Because of the high-taste, high-quality brand nature of the product, I felt that we should focus heavily on the product photography itself, reduce the clutter from the previous two campaigns and feature a simple, clear message. Myself and my client wanted to present the product as sumptuous and delicious as well as authentically and traditionally middle eastern. To do this we developed a photography set to subtly evoke the atmosphere of a middle eastern cafe interior, with darkened shadows in the peripheries hiding from the relentless sunlight outside, traditional middle eastern and natural textures and tones and filtered natural bokeh'd light in the background. It needed to be 'aseasonal', meaning it could be used at any time of the year. The product itself to be presented as a delicious scooped up bite-sized portion of Sabra Garlic & Red Pepper Houmous on a piece of toast or pitta and held towards the lens by a hand model. The design and layout needed to emphasise the taste and authenticity of the product, and bring your attention to the product packaging and branding.

The final background shot.
The final edit of the product shot.
Digital Motion OOH: Ocean Outdoor - Printworks, Manchester (motion video below)
Digital Motion OOH (Out of Home) - Landscape
Static OOH: Ocean Outdoor -Two Towers, Manchester
Digital Motion OOH: Ocean Outdoor - The Screen @ Manchester One, Manchester (motion video below)

Ocean Outdoor - The Printworks, Manchester.
Ocean Outdoor - Two Towers, Manchester. 
Ocean Outdoor - The Screen @ Trinity, Leeds.
Ocean Outdoor - The Screen @ Manchester One, Manchester.
Clear Channel - Mall Xl, Nationwide locations.
Clear Channel - Adshel Live, Nationwide locations.
Jcdecaux - M-Vision, Nationwide locations.


Metro - Newspaper
ES - Magazine
Feast - Magazine
Observer Food Monthly - Magazine Supplement
Olive - Magazine
Stella - Magazine
Telegraph - Magazine Supplement
Time Out - Magazine
The Times - Magazine Supplement
Grazia - Magazine
Stylist - Magazine
Sainsbury - Supermarket Magazine
Waitrose Weekend - Supermarket Newspaper

Full Product Range - Various Press. Includes mock-up of new Lite tub..

Creative Director: Jamie Sneddon
Designer / Illustrator: Jamie Sneddon
Photographer: Charlotte Nott-Macaire
Food Prep & Dresser: ***Add Name***
Hand Model: ***Add Name***
Photographic Post-prod Artist: Jamie Sneddon
Digital Motion: Jon Godwin

Client: Toby Langton (commercial) - Osem Ltd
Client: Phil Sargison (trade) - Osem Ltd

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