The Disaronno Pause: TV Commercial storyboard

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Comm: Leagus & Delaney

This film shows how the sensual sophisticated taste of Disaronno causes you to pause, and take a moment out of your busy life to appreciate what’s around you. We achieve this effect by slowing down the film after the main character drinks Disaronno. It makes him pause and look at his surroundings in greater detail, allowing him to appreciate more..
Mood board..
A dark green curtain opens to reveal an exclusive speakeasy cocktail bar. The interior features dark wood, brass, low atmospheric lighting, dark painted walls and velvet drapes. 
A confident, not classically handsome man, with effortless Italian style walks up to his group of two male and two female friends at the bar. They all have a similar style and demeanour to him. 

One of the male friends hands him a Disaronno on the rocks with lemon. As he takes the drink, ice cubes rolling in the glass, he turns and leans on the beautiful old brass bar. Here he absorbs for the first time, the Disaronno Pause. 
We see a closeup of his face as he raises the Disaronno branded glass to his lips and takes his first sip. Everything now slows down and he appreciates the bar in all its glory. 
The camera moves around the bar, twisting and turning to focus close up on different details and characters in the bar. On one table, an old man with a wispy white beard plays cards with a woman..
The camera zooms to his arms and hands, he has tattoos and big gold rings on. He turns over his hand of cards and wins the trick.. 

At the next table we see three women sitting. They’re young, beautiful and trendy. They are laughing. We see a close up of their wide toothy smiles and lip sticked lips. Their tanned legs crossed on the banquets, their glossy hair slinking over their shoulders. One of the girls is passionately telling a story while the others try not to laugh.
The third table sees two men, who seem to be reminiscing about old times – smiling and wistfully wondering. One man has a suit shirt with the arms rolled up and no tie, we see a close up of the man's eyes looking at his friend reminiscing about their younger years. His friend is dressed more casual in jeans and a t shirt – handsome. 
The camera returns to our protagonist as he takes in the extraordinary surroundings. He appreciates that some nights great things just happen..
Cut to bottle shot and super: #TheDisaronnoPause Appreciate the possibilities.

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