Beckton Dickinson (medical) MDS Sailing Storyboards

illustration | design | consultancy

Brief: #1 - People on quayside, with equipment, crates, bags on shoulders wide-shot of scene + inset of equipment.
A storyboard about a team building sailing experience, to be used as discussion points at a BD (Beckton Dickinson medical) MDS Seminar event in 2018. Each frame was projected onto giant screens and referred to by the speaker throughout the presentation.
Stage plan showing the large screen locations..
Brief: #2 - Boarding the boat - boarding carrying equipment, crates, ropes etc - 1 image.
Brief: #3 - Skipper - looking at chart in cockpit, people checking parts of boat, winches, mast - 2/3 images.
Brief: #4 - Under water - keel, crew lifejackets counterbalancing heeling boat, winch operation - 3 images.
Brief: #5 - Stormy seas - crew on deck in harness’ with waves breaking over bow, dramatic - 1 image.
Brief: #6 - Calm waters - approaching island, relaxing - 1 image.
Brief: #7 - Journey’s end - people on quayside cheering, crew on boat with champagne - 1 image.

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