Ocean Beach Ibiza: 'Anamorphic Projection'

My brief was to create a large 5x5 metre advert to be adhered to the Ibiza Airport floor, right next to the main exit doors. The idea was to create an *'anamorphic projection' of the 'Ocean Beach Ibiza' pool area. *Anamorphic projections are normally seen as chalk drawings on pavements, created by street artists. When viewed from a specific angle they look like a 3d object or very often a hole in the floor. When you move away from that specific viewpoint, the vertical perspective of the image stops working and the distortion ceases to work, thus encouraging the viewer to move back to where the distortion appears correct. In order to achieve this it was necessary to develop a system to create such an image digitally, using only vectors for the final high res output. In short, I did this by illustrating a perspective view of the pool area, viewed from the correct angle and eye height, and then I stretched and distorted that perspective image to fill the 5x5m flat square. It was a tricky beast and involved lots of to-ing & fro-ing between pre and post distortion. A great way to establish if the distortions are correct is to use a projector pointing directly down to the ground covering the full 5x5 meters. ** Due to airport security we were sadly unable to achieve any video or photographs of the ad in situ. We were hoping that this could be rectified during the summer before it was removed after the closing parties, but sadly it was not possible. At some point I will create a 3D model and walkpast animation to help demonstrate the distortion in action.

A rough plan view of the pool..
A rough perspective render of the above plan view..
Version #1 of the anamorphic projection artwork, fully drawn and rendered. This is how the distortion looks when viewed diectly from above..
A perspective view of the above anamorphic projection [as it would appear when placed on the floor and viewed from the correct angle]..
A mock up of version #1 artwork, in situ..
The cutout shape for the print along with additional details to go on the surrounding floor..
Sticker to place on the floor 2 metres 'south' of the main artwork..
Photos of the amazing venue itself [courtesy of Ocean Beach Ibiza]..
The anamorphic projection is based on the layout of the Ocean Beach venue depicted in this web based bookings map I was commisioned to illustrate back in 2013 < http://www.oceanbeachibiza.com/bookings >
Version #2 of the anamorphic projection artwork, demonstrating a bit more venue detail..
A perspective view of the above anamorphic projection..
Sparkles & water ripples..

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